Popaloo-Portable Camping Toilet

Popaloo is a unique, compact, lightweight and space saving portable camping toilet. It can be used for camping, festivals, fishing, builders,truck drivers and many others.

When packed away it is just 420mm square x 90 mm high and opens to a seat height of 430mm, the same as your loo at home.

Popaloo is incredibly strong and durable, Made in England from high quality White ABS plastic and has been weight tested to over 175 kgs (27 stone) treated with care Popaloo will last a lifetime.Popaloo weighs just 4.28 kg.

Popaloo uses a Bio Degradable bag which contains a special blend of powders that gel the waste, after use simply knot the bag and dispose of in a normal waste bin or compost area, in time the bag and its contents will all return to nature.

Popaloo is supplied with ten powder bags, wet wipes and emergency tissue paper and comes in a handy carry case. All for just £69.95 including P&P.*

* UK Mainland