Ten Things you Will Thank us for Remembering For Your Camping.

As a first time camper or perhaps one that does it annually but isn’t a designated expert in that area, there is much to remember. Once you have a few years of experience you become quite skilled at rememebring the essential stuff as well as the stuff that you have found out about along the way. Here is a quick top ten of items we think are essential to a great camping trip. You will also find a checklist at the end of the blog that you can print out so you prepare the best you can for a lovely holiday in the UK.

1. Mallet

There are other tools of course but those tent pegs are far easier with a mallet. No clattering as metal hits metal, you can hit the peg with any part of the mallet, as they have a bigger surface area it makes accuracy less essential. If you put your tent up in the rain you will be thankful of your trusty mallet!

rubber mallet
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