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 42 reviews
by kelly on PopALoo
Very Impressed!!!

Wow! this is a perfect product! i must say this is exeptional quality and well worth every penny! if you want an eco solution then this is it! the size is perfect, it is comfortable and a good height too! i searched for months for a new portable loo and until i came across this product i never found one that ticked all the boxes, the height was important as most chemical loos/bucket loos were quite low(not good if you have a bad back) also not all places i want to camp have .. facility's for chemical loo disposal so this Popaloo is absolutely great!

Thanks Kelly WOW.. what a great review thank you very much indeed.

by Caroline on PopALoo
Last Pan Standing

Couldn't have been more impressed with the Pop-a-Loo. It was easy to assemble, extremely comfortable and superbly stable. We had some pretty harsh weather (north west Skye) on one particular night, causing the toilet tent (already purchased, elsewhere) blew down, leaving the Pop-a-Loo, sitting in majestic spendour, exactly where we'd placed it. Absolutely fantastic, thanks!

Thank you Caroline.. what a great review and what a fantastic title .... you should join our Marketing Department.

by Andy Batley on PopALoo
Happy Crapper

We bought a popaloo about a month ago and it has seen a bit of action while out in our VW camper van. Very compact and easy to assemble. I made a sign for any visiting guests which reads "You Crap in it, Yer wrapping it". It's ideal when we go off grid and easy to dispose of the waste too. One of the best purchases for our new van so far.

Thanks Andy ... what a great review and "strap line " thank you for taking the trouble to write it and thank you for your order.

by Mel Hasnip-Norton on PopALoo

Purchased a popaloo during lockdown, as our postponed bathroom re-fit was re-scheduled. Being aware that we would be without a toilet for approximately 6 days, which turned into 10 days, we had the Popaloo recommended by a friend. It was absolutely brilliant, so easy to assemble, and use, easy to keep clean and then dismantle. The service from the company was excellent and it is certainly something I would recommend for festivals, camping shows or in fact any outdoor event. We placed it in the shed at the bottom of the garden for the duration of the bathroom re-fit 🙂 Can't recommend it highly enough.

Thank you very much Mel...pleased to be of service.

by John Sealey on PopALoo

Ordered the Popaloo without ever seeing one and was blown away by the quality of this product.
If you want a toilet that's compact and portable and not having to deal with the liquid waste I would not hesitate to recommend the Popaloo.

Thank you John for the great review and your order ... enjoy your Popaloo

Great Loo Popaloo

The Popaloo is a very useful addition to our VW campervan, in this case allowing us to take advantage of France Passion sites, which do not always have toilet facilities. It should also prove useful for wild camping in Scotland. And not to have to deal with fluid chemicals and water ... what an advantage, and so very easy to dispose of the the bag with contents!

by Karen McDowall on PopALoo
After 2 years!

We bought our popaloo a couple of years ago. It is brilliant. Probably one of the best purchases we made for our camping trips. Thus the 5 stars 😁

The pop up tent ... the less said the better. Putting up is easy the putting away is horrid, have struggled with it for 2 years and at the end of our camping trip this weekend binned it. The instructions online make it look so simple but I can assure you it is not. Now going to buy a non pop up toilet tent.

Thank you for the review Karen and sorry to read about your experience with the tent ... we know people occasionally can have problems but if we get to know about it we can usually get all the issues resolved 99% of the time,Thank you very much though for your 5 star rating and kind comments about the Popaloo !!

by Nicola Fernandez on PopALoo
At last an amazing portable toilet

We have been looking for years for a back up portable toilet for our summer house in Sweden. Our composting toilet is great but it doesn’t like lots of people using it over a weekend. That’s where Popaloo comes in. We bought the toilet as a back up just in case. It comes in its own carry case, is easy to set up, is compact, is well made and collapses easily. What we like is that it is sturdy and strong. At the end of the day it’s a toilet, but take it from me that when you get the one you have always wanted it is a blessing in disguise. Thanks Popaloo.

Thank you Nicola for your kind comments about our "Amazing Portable Toilet"

by Carrie Simmons on PopALoo
Outstanding item and service !!

We bought the Popaloo after much consideration to find the most compact, portable and durable toilet for our VW camping trips. We read the reviews about the item and the company and made the decision to buy. The Popaloo is middle of the price range we were looking at, easily constructed and dismantled, comes with a carry bag and seat cover. We were especially pleased with the fact we do not have to carry chemicals as the bags are biodegradable with powder making them lightweight and also compact to travel.
That’s enough about the loo itself, you need to buy just don’t consider!!
We had the best customer service from this company we have ever received so most certainly need to mention on this review . We over ordered on the bags , one from Amazon and two from the company direct, Robin rang me to ensure we had not done this by mistake and as we ordered rather last minute we were not sure if we would get them on time so he offered to send them all via DPD and to compensate us for our postage costs on Amazon threw in half a pack of bags free. This was also to arrive on Thursday before we were going on Friday, DPD delivery company completely messed our delivery of the Popaloo Repeat Poo-scription (look on the website) , so Robin personally delivered to our destination at Market Rasen two packs of these bags complimentary. That was an hour drive at least from their premises. Now if that is not first class customer service nothing is.
Highly recommend Popaloo as we have done on every trip and extremely pleased with our purchase!!!

by Linda Prior on PopALoo
The adventures begin...

After buying a VW.California, retiring and moving to France we looked forward to carefree travel as, when and where. But our only little niggle was one of what to do if we needed a loo?
Most of the time a convenient cafe or bar might be at hand or even a proper loo at some overnight stops, but aside a plastic jug to deal with an emergency wee, we felt rather at the mercy of fickle nature.
Compromised by both space and the willingness to deal with chemicals, water, waste and nasty accidents on unstable contraptions, we decided firmly on a Popaloo. The product is great and quite frankly the service is even better. Thanks to you Popaloo, we will now be able to travel and enjoy as much great food and wine that France has to offer without feeling anxious about the consequences....

Thank you Linda .. praise indeed enjoy France enjoy the Food and Wine but most of all enjoy the Popaloo...Bon Voyage.

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