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 by Sally Jones
Heaven help me! I'm excited about a toilet!

After years of having a flash motorhome with all mod cons, I am now camping in the back of a van with a 15-year-old pop-up tent. Whilst I can cope with roughing it to a degree, I can't imagine not having my own toilet for those middle of the night trips. I did LOTS of research as I'm not a fan of chemical toilets (emptying and cleaning them to be precise as I found the eco-versions weren't up to the job of dissolving jobbies). When I found PopALoo I hoped it was the solution. My first weekend away, the hired toilets didn't turn up at the event until late evening on the first day. I was SO smug. On arrival, I sprung my ancient pop-up tent followed swiftly by my PopALoo. I was one happy camper and I now have a few more friends for life who are eternally grateful to me because they'd all drunk several Costa coffees on the journey up. Everything about it is great and I'm SO happy to be sitting on an adult-sized pot. It took me precisely no time at all to get used to the idea of dumping in a bin liner. I was amazed at the absorbent power of the 'magic powder' in the bag, especially as there was no odour either. I saw the structure's potential to make a seat/table so bought a white silicon baking sheet that very effectively seals the top and then put a worktop saver over that and, voila, I had a side table. As PopALoo themselves say, they are the 1s and 2s emergency service 🙂

Thank you Sally.. pleased to be of service.

 by Alison Wilson
Excellent product and service

Due to covid decided we needed our own facilities and this product ticks all the boxes. Takes up little room, no nasty chemicals, well constructed and the service has been second to none. We ran out of bags and needed them quickly, arrived next day just as promised. Amazing ! Still struggling with folding the tent up but practice makes perfect. Highly recommend both products.

Thanks Alison and pleased to be of service.

 by Matt Boysons
Excellent Product

I've had my popaloo toilet and tent for 6 years now and they have been perfect for my needs throughout. Solidly made, easy to put together and break down with no need for unpleasant, environmentally dodgy chemicals and they fit perfectly in a small camper with very limited storage. Just right for our needs, thank you.

Thank you Matt , your 5 star review and continuing support is very much appreciated.

 by Colin
Wow - Easy Peasy

Notwithstanding the COVID restrictions and the need for a toilet tent for our Campervan I decided to go for a pop up, despite the concerns of folding them away. Having looked around the marketplace I took the plunge settling on Popaloo. On arrival, as there is no time like the present I unpacked it and proceeded to put it up. Seconds later and here I am folding it away. What can I say! Wow-Easy Peasy. This is now not just a toilet tent, but storage too. A great product.

 by Glasgow Campervan hire ltd
Popaloo package

Glasgowcamperhire ltd purchased this toilet system during covid
When our customers could get out they was faced with no toilets open.
We searched hard to find something fit for purpose, good for the planet easy to use and also something to help our customers be sensible and considerate regarding disposal of toilet waste.
The popaloo ticks all boxes
We as a company cant recommend this fantastic product enough,

 by Joanne Holt
Superb customer service

If I could do more than 5 stars I would. Excellent customer service. A proactive response to something that I wasn't even aware of. The wrong length guy ropes had been supplied and they corrected before I even knew. I have never come across a company so concerned about their service and qualtiy being correct. Cant recommend enough

 by Eve Morrison
Fab product

I bought the Eco Powder Bags to help me whilst I was recovering from an operation where climbing the stairs was incredibly difficult and emptying the commode (ugh!!) impossible. They have been a godsend. I tie them up, put them in the general waste and a kind neighbour takes it out to the main bin without any embarrassment . Fabulous. Well done. I also ordered another 'lot' (in the evening of 14th) to make sure I don't run out and they were delivered this morning (16th). Amazing. Thank you. Happy Christmas!! xx

Hi Eve,Thank you indeed for your very kind review about our powder bags and your Christmas wishes ...and a very Happy Christmas to you as well.

 by Rebecca Hall-Franke
Great Purchase

We purchased the Popaloo to go with our VW Campervan, we were planning on a road trip through Europe but were obviously very aware there was a pandemic going on, so we wanted to limit the amount of contact as possible. This is extremely portable, we were able to assemble and disassemble really quickly, easy to clean and move on to the next site. We have also used it a number of times since on short weekend trips away. As we have a solar panel on the van it means we have so much more available to us as we can literally park in a field and be miles away from facilities with no need to worry, throw up the pop up tent - which Robin was super helpful with to be able to get that tent to me. Also re-ordering was super simple and super fast - I am good at last minute weekend getaways and needing to reorder on a Wednesday for a Thursday delivery. Awesome service, couldn't recommend any more 🙂

 by kelly
Very Impressed!!!

Wow! this is a perfect product! i must say this is exeptional quality and well worth every penny! if you want an eco solution then this is it! the size is perfect, it is comfortable and a good height too! i searched for months for a new portable loo and until i came across this product i never found one that ticked all the boxes, the height was important as most chemical loos/bucket loos were quite low(not good if you have a bad back) also not all places i want to camp have .. facility's for chemical loo disposal so this Popaloo is absolutely great!

Thanks Kelly WOW.. what a great review thank you very much indeed.

 by Caroline
Last Pan Standing

Couldn't have been more impressed with the Pop-a-Loo. It was easy to assemble, extremely comfortable and superbly stable. We had some pretty harsh weather (north west Skye) on one particular night, causing the toilet tent (already purchased, elsewhere) blew down, leaving the Pop-a-Loo, sitting in majestic spendour, exactly where we'd placed it. Absolutely fantastic, thanks!

Thank you Caroline.. what a great review and what a fantastic title .... you should join our Marketing Department.

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