Toilet Twinning

With all this talk of toilets we can often forget that 40 % of the worlds population have no proper toilets or access to drinking water.

Popaloo have so far twinned six toilets and one school block in India.

So what is toilet twinning?

By twinning a toilet you are raising funds to help people living in poor communities access fresh drinking water and clean usable toilets.

This is a vital combination to help to reduce deaths in young children, and especially the old and vulnerable.

The UK Based charities are Cord and Tearfund. The Toilet Twinning funds have helped to transform lives in the poorest community’s  in the World.

Here are just a few celebrities who have helped TwinToilets and raise money and awareness to help this great charity.

Paul Daniels

Bear Grylls

Bishop of Coventry

Chris White MP

It is a fact that 3 children under the age of 3 years die from drinking dirty water and poor sanitation every three minutes.


Popaloo have made an ongoing agreement to support Toilet Twinning  by making a donation against every purchase of  product from our range.

We will keep you posted on our progress to Flush Away Poverty but you can find out more by going to: