October 17, 2013 Robin Laidler

Truckers Toilets and the BTA

Toilets For Truckers

The BTA (British Toilet Association) who you may not have heard about, are an organisation that campaign for the ongoing and better provision of public toilets in the UK.

Toilets for truck driversOne of the campaigns they are working on at the moment is the lack of  toilet facilities for Truckers. With the increasing closure of public toilets,a Truck drivers  toilet life is not a very happy one. Truckers need to go to the Loo just as much as anybody else, and if services are not available who can blame them for creating their own solutions, particularly when parked overnight in lay-bys.

Whilst it is not the complete solution Popaloo can provide a space saving, clean, eco friendly and compact solution to a real problem for Truckers until better facilities are created.

You can find out more about the Truckers Toilets campaign at www.britloos.co.uk




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Robin Laidler

WE ARE A NEW BRITISH BUSINESS WHO HAVE DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED A LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT AND EASILY PORTABLE TOILET SYSTEM…THE POPALOO. We realise that many types of portable toilet are available, but nothing is quite like Popaloo and when you see the product and the benefits it offers we hope you will agree. Popaloo when closed is just 420 mm square and 90 mm high, the seat height when in use is 430 mm high,the same as your loo at home. Made of durable ABS plastic your Popaloo treated with care will last a lifetime.

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