What is it?

Popaloo is a unique, compact, quick and easy to assemble portable toilet.

Popaloo when closed is 420mm square and just 90 mm high, when open it is 430 mm high, the same as your loo seat at home, made of durable plastic the Popaloo if treated with care will last a lifetime.

We also offer “The Private Convenience” Tent’s which are available in Large and Medium,all give you complete privacy whether you are using the toilet or changing.

The toilet can be assembled in less than forty seconds and the Tent in less than fifteen seconds, this combined with the space saving features and functionality make Popaloo a fantastic choice for a variety of users.

The Popaloo is chemical free and uses a dry powder Bio degradable bag system which gels the waste, once finished simply knot the bag and dispose of responsibly, in a standard waste bin. Once purchased the only ongoing costs are the powder bags.

Your Popaloo comes in a handy carry case complete with 10 powder bags,hygienic wipes,emergency toilet tissue,
magic towels and fabric seat cover.

The portable camping toilet has been weight tested to 175 Kg /27 stone.