Product Profile
Popaloo Toilet System for Camping, festivals and more

Popaloo-Portable Camping Toilet

Popaloo is a unique, compact, lightweight and space saving portable camping toilet.

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Popaloo toilet biodegradable Powder 10 bags

Popaloo Eco Powder Bags

Popaloo Eco Powder bags are a Bio Degradable bag which has a blend of three natural minerals,

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Large Pop A Loo Portable Toilet Tent

Portable Pop Up Toilet Tent

The Large Popaloo pop up toilet tent is 2.0 Mts high and 1.1 Mt square at the base

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Medium Portable Pop up Toilet Tent.

The Medium Popaloo pop up toilet tent is 1.5 Mts high and 1.1 Mt square at the base

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Popaloo | The Portable Camping Toilet

It's something we all have to do…But it's a lot nicer with a Popaloo.

We are a new British business who have designed and developed a lightweight, compact and easily portable toilet system...the Popaloo. We realise that many types of 'Portable Toilets' are available for camping, but nothing is quite like Popaloo and when you see the product and the benefits it offers we hope you will agree. We also offer a 'Portable Pop-Up-Tent' that is available in Large, Medium or Beach Tent size, all give you complete privacy whether you are using the toilet or changing. Purchase your Popaloo online.

Benefits of Popaloo