Eco Friendly

The Popaloo toilet uses a dry powder waste gelling system and Bio Degradable bags, the loose blend of powders is in each bag and has the capacity to gel 2.5 to 3.0 litres of fluid and solid waste.


The Popaloo toilet when packed away is just 430mm square x 90mm high and comes in a durable fabric carry case, assembly takes seconds and builds to normal UK loo seat height so it is all familiar territory, Popaloo has been weight tested to 175Kg or 27 stone.


As our system is so compact it makes everything highly portable, lightweight and practical, creating endless opportunities to have your very own Private Convenience anywhere.

Cost Effective

When you purchase a Popaloo toilet the only ongoing costs are the powder bags which are available in packs of 10 or 50, we also offer a 25% discount on the PB10 packs when you sign up for a "Repeat Pooscription” further details elsewhere on the website.


Once you have bought your Popaloo the only ongoing costs are the Powder Bags.

If you see yourself needing a lot of bags then the PB50 pack is the most economical way to buy, however you can save 25% on the PB10 packs by signing up for a Repeat Pooscription. This does not mean you will get a pack of bags every month. You have to email us and we will log your orders and whenever you order your fourth PB10 pack we will send you another pack of 10 bags completely FREE of charge!

Please note ” Repeat Pooscription ” saving only applies to PB10 packs.

Sign up here repeatpooscription@popaloo.co.uk to start saving.


The Popaloo is a unique, compact, Eco-Friendly and highly portable toilet system, designed primarily for the use of family campers to festival-goers. Our toilets are used by an extremely broad audience, including, truck drivers, military and many more.

We have even supplied our products to the Star Wars production company, so if they are good enough for Darth Vader… May the Popaloo be with you! We are also a company that likes to give back so we donate a proceed of every sale to Toilet Twinning a UK based charity who provide toilets to some the world's poorest communities.

The Popaloo toilet is 100% Made in GB.


Aug 6, 2020 by Kelly

"Very Impressed!!! Wow! this is a perfect product! i must say this is exeptional quality and well worth every penny! if you want an eco solution then this is it! the size is perfect, it is comfortable and a good height too! i searched for months for a new portable loo and until i came across this product i never found one that ticked all the boxes, the height was important as most chemical loos/bucket loos were quite low(not good if you have a bad back) also not all places i want to camp have .. facility's for chemical loo disposal so this Popaloo is absolutely great!"

Aug 3, 2020 by Caroline

"Couldn't have been more impressed with the Pop-a-Loo. It was easy to assemble, extremely comfortable and superbly stable. We had some pretty harsh weather (north west Skye) on one particular night, causing the toilet tent (already purchased, elsewhere) blew down, leaving the Pop-a-Loo, sitting in majestic spendour, exactly where we'd placed it. Absolutely fantastic, thanks!"

Jul 22, 2020 by Andy

"We bought a popaloo about a month ago and it has seen a bit of action while out in our VW camper van. Very compact and easy to assemble. I made a sign for any visiting guests which reads "You Crap in it, Yer wrapping it". It's ideal when we go off grid and easy to dispose of the waste too. One of the best purchases for our new van so far."



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