Who is it for?

The Popaloo is the ideal solution to your portable toilet needs

Your “Private Convenience” would be useful, if you are going to be anywhere for more than four hours with limited or no access to public conveniences.



You can use the system inside or outside the property.
Once purchased the only ongoing costs are powder bags.
No need to hire a conventional site toilet, the Popaloo comes complete with a practical tent so it is discreet and financially viable,
Popaloo could save you £850.00* in six months compared to a conventional site toilet. * Based on average UK rental & delivery charges.


Festival Goers

If you have experienced Festival Toilets…just imagine the joy of setting up your own personal loo in seconds, and then packing it away…no queuing, no sharing, no night trips…festival heaven. If you are strapped for cash … share the cost between your friends it will be a great investment for the future. The Popaloo is a great festival toilet alternative and comes with a tent, cover and a carry case making it super convenient. The only ongoing cost to festival lovers will be the waste bags which you can buy in packs of ten for £14.95 or packs of 50 for £47.95.



Use it in your own “bivvy, tent or caravan” or buy a pop-up-tent option to provide additional privacy and storage. The Popaloo gives you a dry place to store a few bits and a private toilet so you can stay by that lake side a little longer. You could cut the costs with angling buddies but at £117.95 all in for the private convenience bundle it is a very cost effective solution to those outdoor necessities.


Truck Drivers

Use Popaloo within your vehicle or use our tent for privacy at the roadside. You will never be conscious of where the next service station is ever again. It is just that little bit of added security knowing you have a pop up toilet on board complete with waste bags for a hassle free pit stop.


Outdoor Events

Its tough enough selling at or being involved in outdoor events, and even tougher when you need the Loo, Popaloo avoids missed sales whilst away from your stall. An ideal temporary toilet for all outdoor events to save you queuing or being caught short!

Popaloo is ideal for Antique Fairs, Car Boots, Motorsport events and Gymkhanas.



We know you have huge choices of toilets available, but would just ask you to consider the benefits of using the Popaloo system. It takes up less room when you are packing the car, has no chemicals, avoids night trips to the loos …you will be the envy of the site…and sleeping well because you have helped flush away poverty in some of the worlds poorest communities by buying a Popaloo. The range of toilets for campers available do not necessarily have our diligence to our product which we have worked hard to perfect. It is lightweight and compact. The tents come in large and medium to suit all shapes and sizes and the mineral filled waste bags made disposal extra hygienic.



Consider a unique addition to your plot…up and down in seconds.



The benefits to all families are enormous and represent a great investment. One should be in the back of the Family car at all times for days out. Use it in the Garden for Party’s or Barbecues. The medium sized tent is ideal at the Beach to use as a changing facility… not forgetting the Popaloo as well.


Farmers and Land Workers

Popaloo is a useful addition for any season of the year – to ensure the crops are in on time.
Use Popaloo at the field side…it does exactly the same as a site toilet. Popaloo is lightweight, portable and simple in operation, once purchased the only ongoing costs will be the powder bags.

Popaloo could save you £850.00* in six months compared to a conventional site toilet. * Based on average UK rental & delivery charges.


Security Guards

Carry it in the van, use at your location ideal for Night Security.



We are confident that Popaloo will work on your boat will save space and requires no permanent installation.


Popaloo – Made in England with Plastic and Ethics.



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